The team’s remit ranges from vocational placements, pre-employment programmes and internships, through to the Greater Manchester NHS Careers Engagement Hub, which provides information about NHS careers across the region. Crucially, they deliver programmes to help us attract and recruit local people to our vacancies, and they work closely with local schools, colleges and organisations to widen participation and access to our educational and career opportunities.

Supported Internship Programme

This year-long programme is for people between the ages of 18 - 24 who have a learning disability. Completing three placements that match your interests, whilst developing work skills and gaining an employability based qualification. We also support you in securing a job after the programme.

(Trainee) Nursing Assistant Pre-Employment Programme

This challenging and rewarding programme offers people who want a career in health and social care the chance to develop skills and work experience in a clinical environment. If you’re successful in gaining a place on the programme, it includes four weeks of accredited training in adult social care, plus six weeks work-based training at CMFT, with shadowing and working experience. What’s more, you’ll also gain on-going support with job searching and interview skills.

To have your chance to shine and to find out more about careers and vocational opportunities within the NHS in Greater Manchester, email