Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in the opportunities at CMFT. We invite you to take your time in looking around our site to find out what is unique about CMFT – and the chance it will give you to shine brighter.

As the Executive Director of HR, I have never been more excited about the possibilities for our future than now because of devolution. We’re looking forward to having more input into our destiny – and to being at the forefront of changes to the city and the sector. We’re working in partnership with other hospital Trusts towards a harmonisation of healthcare services across the city, leading ultimately to one single hospital service for Manchester. This creates unparalleled opportunities for all our people.

One of the best things about CMFT is working with amazing people, some of whom you'll see in amongst the pages across this website. Our workforce is key to our success both now and in the future. Working with pride, respect, empathy, consideration, compassion and dignity, our people create high quality patient outcomes day in, day out. United around our values, purpose and commitment to the patient, they shape the future direction of the Trust.

And we reward our people’s drive and dedication with access to choice and opportunities in abundance. As a large and complex Trust, we are able to support our people to develop in a range of directions. We offer clearly defined career paths and structured training. We want our people to excel, to learn, grow and develop. We welcome their ideas, listen to them, and act on them. That’s one of the reasons we have one of the best staff survey results in the country. You’ll find a unique environment at CMFT – one of spirit, energy and attitude.

I am extremely proud of the vital role our staff play in delivering the highest levels of patient care and we will continue to support and develop both existing staff and new employees right across the Trust now and in the future. 

So if you’re ready to be the best that you can be at an exciting time in our history, we would love to hear from you.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Best wishes,

Margot Johnson

Executive Director of HR